Back to Basics: How to cook perfect fresh pasta

Back to Basics: How to cook perfect fresh pasta

This may seem obvious to some, but we often get asked how best to cook fresh pasta. Many people are used to using dry pasta, but once you’ve tried fresh, you will never go back! You want to make sure you really get the best texture and flavour for the best experience, so here is how to do it…

Servings: 4 people


  • packet fresh pasta


  1. Use a large pot of water to allow quick boiling
  2. Add generous salt to your water before boiling
  3. The water must boil before you add the pasta
  4. Fresh pasta will cook within 1-3 minutes, depending on the size, shape and thickness. It’s much faster than dried pasta.
  5. No oil is needed in the water (this is a very common misconception)
  6. Mix the pasta into the sauce as soon as it is cooked to avoid it cooling and sticking together
  7. Using some of the pasta water to ‘extend’ your sauce or adjust the consistency to your liking is a useful tip to remember 🙂
  8. Pasta dishes are traditionally simple, quick and healthy. Enjoy!
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