Mac & Cheese – Fresh 1KG

Mac & Cheese – Fresh 1KG

Mac & Cheese

1kg Mac & Cheese

Macaroni, cheese sauce, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, parsley. COMPOUND INGREDIENTS: Macaroni [contains: durum wheat semolina flour, water], cheese sauce [contains: white sauce (milk, water, onions, sunflower oil, starch, garlic, salt, black pepper), cheddar cheese (contains: milk, cheese culture, calcium chloride, sodium nitrate, vegetable rennet,
colourant, salt)], mozzarella [contains: milk, salt, preservative (sodium nitrate), non-animal rennet, cheese cultures].

Microwave: Remove or pierce film, place meal into the centre of microwave oven. Set on high for about 2 minutes until hot. OR place in a saucepan, add little water, cover with lid and heat on medium for 2 minutes. Cooking times are guidelines only.

Wheat (gluten), cow’s milk.

8 days refrigerated ( between 1 and 5°C), 3 months frozen (below -7°C). Use on the day of opening.

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