Pasta – The Food of Love

Pasta – The Food of Love

Speaking of ‘Food of Love’ – if you were to picture yourself out for a romantic meal, what would you be eating?

The chances are it involves Italian food – Italians are known for being passionate and romantic, as well as for their yummy food!

What springs to my mind is a decadent pasta dish with some kind of a creamy, seafood sauce.  (my mouth is watering just at the thought of it)  Chances are, if you whipped up such a meal for a dinner date, they would be putty in your hands! (you didn’t realise this was also a dating advice column did you!)

Food of Love Iconic Movie Moments

One of the most iconic romantic movie scenes involving food has to be Lady and the Tramp.  You might not choose spaghetti for your first date but actually, it works really well if you have no hands, or you are a four-legged animation! How beautiful was that scene where they both reach the end of the same spaghetti – anyone out there ever tried to re-create this?

Not sure it would be quite as elegant in real life – more likely splattering of bolognese sauce all over your nice white shirt! But anyway, you get the idea…..

Valentine’s Day Let-Downs

When Valentine’s day comes around, most people think that going out for dinner is the best thing to do – however I beg to differ.  We used to go out each year but usually ended up feeling frustrated and ripped off.  Most restaurants (understandably) want to cash in on the event and offer a limited or set menu which is twice as expensive as their usual food.  They then cram more tables in, and because there are so many customers, the service is really slow.  The end result is not romantic at all! – sitting two feet away from other couples in all directions, with painfully slow service and painfully lighter in your wallet at the end of it!

Romantic Meal at Home?

It’s far more romantic to have a special meal at home at your leisure (see if you can get the kids farmed out or to bed early).  If you don’t feel like spending ages cooking, you can always buy a good quality ready meal – at Pasta Factory, we have a really extensive range of delicious, fresh ready-meals you can pop in the oven while you concentrate on drinking your champagne cocktails – sound good? (see here for selection)

If you were thinking of whipping up a meal for a loved-one, then just a few of the foods thought to be aphrodisiacs are as follows:

Garlic, Ginger, Fennel, Chilli, Truffles, Oysters, Caviar, Rosemary, Dill, Asparagus, Broccoli, Celery, Tomatoes…..

Pasta food of love