Passion for Pasta: How Pasta Factory began.

Let me start at the beginning:

I grew up in a lively household with 3 younger brothers. Our family home was always filled with kids, friends and pets.

My mother was always looking to find ways of preparing healthy, tasty, quick & generous meals for us. Easy, quick & cost effective for her – generous, tasty and healthy for us. 

Passion for pasta

Years later, after the older 3 kids had moved out the house, Juliane simply continued with her passion – Italian Pasta Factory restaurant off Kloof Street in Cape Town.  Her passion for Italian food, culture and language, as well as her enjoyment of hosting and entertaining guests, evolved into what we are today. In 2012 we moved the entire business to our factory in Maitland and focussed on the manufacturing part of the business, also introducing ‘ready-made’ meals, including soups, pizza and a variety of salads.

Fresh pasta is so versatile
fresh pasta is very versatile

The emphasis always remained on honest, ‘simple’ food, made well and with real ingredients, fresh & locally sourced as far as possible. Still today my mother spends most of her time standing in our production kitchen, ensuring her recipes and quality standards are adhered to by suppliers, employees and service providers.

“The emphasis always remained on honest, ‘simple’ food, made well and with real ingredients”

Over the years we have experienced local and international food trends ranging from ‘carbo-loading’ feasts, then Paleo and Banting, to gluten free pasta & pizza. We introduced wheat-free pasta, then gluten free products.

We still offer a select range of these; however, the processes and legal requirements do make them quite costly to produce. Our Banting pizza bases are rather delicious!

Besides many restaurants & kitchens, you will find our Pasta Factory products mainly in local Western Cape stores, most Spars, independent delis, Melissa’s Food Stores, OK Mini Markets, Food Lover’s Markets and Freshstops. We do produce a number of private label products for a variety of small to large customers; always with the main focus on pasta and related products.

Due to our customers’ requirements, our factory is export, HACCP and halaal certified and we are currently on a BEE level 4.  

I am very proud of what my mother achieved and happy that I am able to continue the family business.  I am excited about the future.  It’s really easy to be inspired when you truly believe in your product.