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The Pasta Factory’s doors opened in 2003, but our life of pasta stretches back much further than that. I grew up in a home with a mother whose passion for good food—and more specifically, tasty, hearty, and generous pasta—spread through the whole house and inspired us all.

In 2012 we moved our Italian Pasta Factory restaurant from Kloof Street to Maitland which allowed us to grow the manufacturing side of the business and introduce a wider range of ready-made meals, sauces, soups, and pizzas. We’ve also been dedicated to catering for local and international food trends and dietary requirements (i.e. gluten-free, paleo, banting, wheat-free, vegan); since our aim is to serve our clients as best we can, we love hearing your suggestions and are always keen to customise and cater to your needs. Beetroot pasta? We’ve done it! Heart-shaped pizzas? Let’s go!

“The emphasis always remained on honest, ‘simple’ food, made well and with real ingredients, fresh and locally sourced as far as possible.”

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